[mythtv-users] FX5200 TVOut Tweaking

James Pifer jep at obrien-pifer.com
Mon Sep 18 20:16:05 UTC 2006

What things could I try to tweak the performance of my TVOut on my
FX5200? I seem to be having some performance or quality issues. I tried
to put an NFL game on yesterday and it was unwatchable. I suppose I
would subscribe it like it's dropping frames. 

Performance of my system overall is quite good. Watching LiveTV with my
PVR250/350 yields CPU of betwwn 30% and 40%. I think that's about on par
with what other have said.

The only other issue I have is the size of the screen. There's about a
half inch black border around the picture where it's just a little bit
smaller than the normal picture. Of course with my project this "black
border is significantly bigger. This is definitely something I can live

Any suggestions for these things are appreciated. 


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