[mythtv-users] Logo Contest

Jeff Simpson jeffsimpson at alum.wpi.edu
Mon Sep 18 19:38:10 UTC 2006

> Speaking of high-res graphics and logo stickers, perhaps this would
> be a great time for a logo contest of sorts.  Just take a few weeks
> and let some submissions roll in, then we can all vote on 'em on the
> Wiki or something.  I would certainly contribute a logo or two....
> Then we could get some high-res source material for all kinds of
> branding activities.

YES! A logo contest! I am no good with logo graphics, but whenever an
open source project decides to have a logo contest, they end up with a
ton of AWESOME logos!

Not that there's anything wrong with the logo we have, but I always
like new and iproved. Perhaps each designer make a few specified
sizes: a case-badge size, a webpage badge size, maybe an icon size, a
large top-of-a-page size, maybe some NTSC/PAL size for myth itself, as
well as myth dvds, and of course a vector format for scaling up for
posters / t-shirts / etc.

 - Jeff

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