[mythtv-users] configure question on MMX enable

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Sep 18 18:46:52 UTC 2006

On 09/18/06 14:21, list at onnow.net wrote:

>Quick question..
>When compiling myth, with the ./configure alone does MMX get enabled  
>by default or do you have to specify that in the command?  I just used  
>confgure with no options and want to ensure I am getting the best  
>performance ( lowly 1Ghz celeron frontend machine )

Only if you specify "--enable-proc-opt".  (With a properly configured 
build system.  If you've got a broken toolchain or your system itself is 
broken or you're doing a cross-compile and haven't set everything up 
properly, it's possible for MMX not to be automatically enabled even 
with "--enable-proc-opt".)


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