[mythtv-users] Error in mytharchive

Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Mon Sep 18 17:48:07 UTC 2006

Jack Lowry wrote:
> I just installed mytharchive from a tar ball on slackware 10.2.
> Reading the README included in the mytharchive directory I believe I 
> installed all of the prerequisits.
> I'm trying to run mytharchive to create a DVD, things run to a point but 
> then fail with an error message indicating:
> IOError: decover jpeg not avalible.
> Any suggestions as to where to look? Or what prereq I missed.
> Thanx,, Jack

Where is the error message from the frontend log or from the 
progress.log you see in the log viewer? Either way it looks like an 
image file can't be found. Maybe if you post the relevant part of the 
log it would help!!

Paul H.

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