[mythtv-users] creating symlinks to a network nfs drive - - Help Please.

Mat Kyne matkyne at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 18 17:00:04 UTC 2006

I know that this is not strictly a MythTV question, but I am sure someone 
out there can help me out.
I have a HD backend/frontend MythTV box running FC4 and MythTV 18.1. (it 
took me so long to get everything up and running I am scared to upgrade ). I 
converted my entire DVD collection to XviD and have them all stored on that 
backend. I convert most of my recordings to XviD and store them as videos in 
a separate folder. I am currently in the process of setting up a separate SD 
frontend/backend box in my garage. Here is the problem. I want access to all 
the movies and converted TV shows on my HD box, but not the current 
recordings (the new box couldn't play them anyway). I enabled NFS on the HD 
backend and created a mount point for it on the SD box. If I point MythTV 
(on the SD box) to that directory I can access the videos, but it does not 
preserve the folders hierarchy. An example of the folder hierarchy: 
"/videos/TV_Seasons/The 4400/Season 1/101 - pilot.avi" It is a nicely 
organized system that looks great in gallery view. However when I go to look 
for the file from the the SD MythTV box in gallery view, I have to scroll 
through 20 or 30 101 - ..., 102 - ... etc. So my bright idea was to use 
symlinks to recreate the directory tree on the SD MythTV box. So I tried "cp 
-lr /videos/* ." but I got an error message claiming that it cannot create a 
link to the remote device. I am sorry that I don't remember the exact error 
message, but Google led me nowhere. Does anyone know how to do what I am 
trying, or can point in the right direction of an alternate method? Thanks 

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