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Paul V. Gratz pgratz at gratz1.com
Mon Sep 18 16:59:55 UTC 2006

On Monday 18 September 2006 10:40, Ivan Kowalenko wrote:
> See, that's what I thought. Catch is that all devices are registered
> by their MAC address through a web browser, or by manually calling
> NSS. They won't register the router. Besides, I tried it. I'm not
> exactly sure I want to get on their bad side.

By far the easiest way to do this is to put another network card in
your backend machine, and have one NIC connected to the dorm's outside
network, the other one connected to an internal router.  The internal
router will then be connected to your Xbox. You will have two fully
separated networks.  Only bind samba to the internal network so the
Xbox can mount the linux drives but the dorm doesn't see the smb
traffic (probably a good idea for security anyways, smb is crap).

You could use NAT and IP forwarding if you need the Xbox to be on the
external network.  If you set this up right it will be next to
impossible for them to tell that you are forwarding packets from the
Xbox to the outside world but if you are really paranoid don't enable
NAT and IP forwarding.  Then there will be no way they can tell (you
just have a personal network that is not connnected).  Everything for
myth would still work just fine.


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