[mythtv-users] Losing channel lock over long program...

Derek Meek thekazan at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 14:37:48 UTC 2006

Bruce Nordstrand wrote:

>I have this weird problem as the moment and am reinstalling because of 
>it. Hopefully it will stop but.....
>I had this problem with .19 and now with .20 - recording a program over 
>1/2 hr would result in Myth slowly losing channel lock resulting in an 
>unwatchable program. WAF has dipped to an all time low, especially since 
>not being able to finish watching a couple of documentaries of over an 
>hour each. Funnily enough, our digital STB has no such problem and we 
>can watch any length program we like without signal degradation. This is 
>with DVB cards. I have 3 in the machine but only 1 was recording at the 
>time of signal loss....
>Any ideas to look for when I get the box rebuilt?
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this almost certainly has nothing to to with mythtv itself, but is
instead a bug in your DVB cards drivers, try upgrading your drivers (or
kernel if they're part of the kernel) - if no fix exists report the bug
to the driver maintainers.

a good way to check if it is indeed the drivers is to watch TV in
another app for a while.

Derek "Kazan" Meek
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