[mythtv-users] MythDVD does not see some DVD's

William Munson wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Mon Sep 18 14:40:20 UTC 2006

Dawson, Guy wrote:
> I finally got off my backside, and managed to get mythdvd to work.  
> One of the reasons it took so long is that two different DVD's which I 
> happened to try early on are not detected by mtd.  In all fairness, 
> one of these is from a sony dvd recorder, and won't even mount ( 
> although my DVD player handles it ok),  but the other is a standard 
> retail movie.
> Now I have got mtd configured and working, I was wondering if anybody 
> had any pointers, especially regard the disc from the DVD recorder.  
> It was recorded from UK DVB T using a Sony machine.
> Ever hopeful
Mtd expects a perfect read of the DVD. (No errors) but the recent DRM 
attempts by Sony and others is to insert deliberate errors which screws 
up computer copies of the dvd but which are supposed to be ignored by a 
standard dvd player adaptive error correction. I have found for some 
disc, the only way to get a good copy is to use one of the windows 
crackers to rip to a iso file and then play the iso with mythvideo. For 
me the most recent version of DVDdecripter works well with the error 
correction option turned on. Of course if you are in the land of no 
rights (USA) then use this info at your own peril.

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