[mythtv-users] EyeTV

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Sep 18 13:20:06 UTC 2006

On Sep 18, 2006, at 2:19 AM, Jon Bishop wrote:

> Does anybody know if there is/will be support for mythbackend running
> on OSX with an EyeTV USB capture device? Seems that would be the
> elegant mac solution, an iMac with a 20-something inch screen and
> remote coupled with a USB capture device running both the frontend
> and the backend. Alternatively I could get a mac mini doing the same
> thing... Didn't see anything on the archive... Anybody know?

Myth presently supports the Plextor Convert-X, which can also be used  
with EyeTV. If you are talking about El Gato's own hardware device I  
have not heard anything about Myth support for that device.

I use a Plextor with EyeTV and it works great, the only device I know  
of that will do hardware MPEG-4 encoding. I have used the Plextor  
with Myth in the past and it worked well, though the Myth support is  
limited to using mpeg-4 encoding, even though the device can do mpeg-2.

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