[mythtv-users] Small MythTV Stickers

Justin Hornsby justin.hornsby at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 05:43:38 UTC 2006

Hi Damian.

I had a small batch of MythTV domed case badges made for the
LugRadioLive2006 show I took MythTV to in July.

Pictures of the finished item (taken with my aging digital camera) are here:


I'm getting some more done right now and I'm in the middle of deciding
exactly how to sell them.

One of the problems with 'promoting' MythTV is that the MythTV logo
itself is only available in the low resolution form you see it on the
internet.  I've asked around to try to find the original logo designer
(to get a high-res copy) but haven't had any luck so far.  High-res
printable graphics are a necessity for this kind of thing to get the
very best possible image quality (though the case badges looked fine
with 300DPI printing).

So, if anybody has a high-res copy of the MythTV logo by itself, or
knows where to get the original graphics used to composite the logo -
or heck, even the whereabouts of the original logo designer, speak

FYI it'd also be possible to have some 2"x1/2" (50.8x12mm) domed
badges manufactured for cases which don't have the 'standard' 1"
(25.4mm) square recess.

There are plenty of vendors out there selling custom badges - they
don't have to be very expensive either.  10 to 249 badges cost me less
than $0.90 each.


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