[mythtv-users] Connect DVI to an old TV

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Mon Sep 18 03:16:18 UTC 2006

Sam Wong wrote:
> Sergei Gerasenko wrote:
>> My TV is pretty old and only has a coax input. My PC has a DVI output on
>> the video card. Is there a way to connect the two?
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> Coax input, i.e. for modulated channel only? Not even 
> RCA/Composite/SVideo/SCART? Then your TV is really old, I would bet it's 
> 15+ years?
> Besides converting DVI to analog output, i.e. DVI->VGA (RGB) + 
> VGA->Composite/SVideo, you also need a modulator...I doubt if one is 
> avaiable.
> May be you can grab an VCR unit, plug to the Composite input of that 
> VCR, and TV tuned to the VCR channel.

TV modulators are available in many electronic stores for $25-$30. The 
are generally intended to be used to connect older video cameras etc to 
coax only TV's.

I'm using one right now to pass S-video output from the mythbox to a 
circa 1982 Sony 27 inch trinitron TV... Just set the TV to channel 3 or 
4 and feed the input in.

You may also want to grab a video switch which has 2 separate coax 
inputs and one output. This would allow you to have you VCR as one input 
to the TV and your mythbox + modulator on the other.

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