[mythtv-users] Network Drive Storage Questions and others.

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Sep 18 01:56:49 UTC 2006

On 09/17/06 19:06, Douglas Wagner wrote:

> As to the whole networked file system thing, what's this 
> myth_archive_job.pl script?  Is this included within the myth 
> installation (/usr/share/mythtv somewhere) or is this a put together 
> thing I can find in the WIKI somewhere?

It's in the contrib directory of the source distribution.

>   I assume what this thing does is moves the physical data from one 
> drive to another drive before playback?

It moves data from one drive to another and creates a symlink in the 
recordings directory referring to the file in its new location.  
However, it only does this when you tell it to.  (It can be set up as a 
user job in Myth--thus the "job" at the end of its name.)

> I had always expected that I needed to have one huge LVM Partition 
> mounted to the frontend for this all to work, am I to understand some 
> of you have like /video1, /video2, /video3, partitions out there and 
> simply simlink to the various files from your /video partition?  Does 
> MythArchiver work in a situation such as this?

BTW, myth_archive_job.pl has nothing to do with MythArchive, but 
basically, yes.

> Can anyone go a bit more indepth into this kind of setup as to how 
> this somewhat works?  Having multiple drives non LVM all running 
> seperate from each other storing files would definately be my method 
> of choice (can chose to backup a given drive or not depending on the 
> criticality of the data.)

Record to the recordings directory and then move data to another 
filesystem with the script, which creates a symlink so the file is still 
accessible through the recordings directory.  So, the data is written to 
the recordings directory and then moved elsewhere "as desired" (could be 
run immediately after recordings or could be run manually when the main 
recordings directory begins to fill up or ...).  This either does double 
the writes to your disks or requires manual effort to keep your 
recordings directory from filling up.

MD (i.e. LVM or RAID) is definitely the easier approach when it comes to 
long-term maintenance, but it has its downsides, too.


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