[mythtv-users] My Perennial Problems with XvMC

Dylan Semler dylan.semler at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 01:51:59 UTC 2006

On 9/17/06, Norm Dugas <normdugas at yahoo.ca> wrote:
> I think that opengl_vsync is an issue if you actually tick the box.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that this is the case as well, however when I
last reported that I had used --enable-opengl_vsync in configure,
people commented that that was likely the problem.  But I'm with you,
it should only matter if it's actually checked.

> I'll check my FE and let you know what options I have enabled there.
> Who knows, maybe you've got something checked that is messing other
> things up.  If I recall, I've only got XvMC and BOB deint turned on.
> Nothing else.  As I said, I'll confirm that.

I've played with most of the settings, nothing really seems to make a
difference.  But it would be good to know exactly what works.

> I think I saw you were going to go back to FC5.  Have you done this?

Yeah, that's what I've been running for the past few posts.

> Not to state the obvious again: make sure the nvidia module is loaded,
> make sure xorg is using the nvidia module.

Of course, it's always good to double check these things.  On this
current install of FC5 I have verified that XvMC is working with
mplayer so the nvidia/X settings should to be correct.

> I recall you had 2
> monitors/TVs hooked up to this card.  Have you tried launching myth on
> the other monitor/tv?  Just trying to see if this might be the card.
> Forgive me if you've posted this: are you using mirrored desktops on
> your video card for the 2 monitors/TVs?

After seeing that the other gentleman was having success with the 6200
through his DVI port, I turned off twinview and tried running myth
singlehead through the DVI port and then singlehead through the VGA
port.  This made no difference.  So once again I'm back to TwinView,
which if you're not familiar is like Xinerama (spanning desktop).

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