[mythtv-users] tivo as a glorified tuner

Karl Grindley karl at grindleyfamily.com
Mon Sep 18 01:04:11 UTC 2006

I was thinking along the lines:
-slap a 10/100 usb network adapter on the back
-have mythtv connect over IP
-mythbackend manually queue, and either stream, or rip off the program 
over the network after it's recorded back to the masterbackend server 
video repo  (or simply store them for playback directly from other 

not looking to use it as a frontend.

This would give me 2 more network accessible encoders.  Not to mention, 
you don't need to mess with drivers each kernel upgrade, etc.

I'm specifically interested in using a DirecTV dual tuner tivo.  but 
seeing i also have a series I that i don't have a use for, that could 
also be an encoder too.. but i think that may be going overboard.


Brian Wood wrote:

>On Sep 17, 2006, at 7:25 AM, Karl Grindley wrote:
>>Has anyone tried, succeeded or failed at using a Tivo as a glorified
>>network tuner/encoder box?  Seems they are cheap ebay items these  
>Depends on exactly what you want to do. You can already use the TiVo  
>to record something and then lift the recording off the box and  
>transcode it to mpeg2, and from there to pretty much any format you  
>might want. The process is time-consuming though, and a PVR-150 would  
>do the job much more easily for not too much more $$$.
>If you simply want to demodulate a TV signal to baseband video and  
>audio a cheap VCR would do that for you more cheaply than a TiVo,  
>they are not *that* cheap even on ebay. If you factor in the $12.50/ 
>month fee the TiVo would wind up costing more after just 3 months or so.
>So the TiVo can already be used as a "tuner/encoder", but I don't see  
>any advantage to doing it that way. Any price advantage would be far  
>outweighed by the additional hassle IMHO.
>This all assumes you are talking about series 1 or 2 SD TiVos, as the  
>series 3s are not cheap from any source as of yet.
>My TiVo is doing a  good service for me right now, holding down my  
>newspapers in the garage waiting to be re-cycled, so they don't blow  
>around when I open the door. I can't find anything more useful for it  
>at present :-)
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