[mythtv-users] table recordedmarkup is very big

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Sep 17 11:57:35 UTC 2006

On 09/17/2006 04:58 AM, Kim Bisgaard wrote:

>Is it normal that the table recordedmarkup is very big?
Only if you're using MPEG-2 recordings.

> Have I set a setting wrong?

>Mine has 500,000 records and fills 25M (+ another 23M index).
>If I query the table with:
>select chanid,starttime,count(*) from recordedmarkup group by 
>chanid,starttime order by starttime;
No problem.  That's what allows you to seek instantaneously in MPEG-2 

If you want to reduce the table's size, you can:
    a) delete your MPEG-2 recordings.
    b) transcode your MPEG-2 recordings to MPEG-4 recordings.
    c) not worry about it and enjoy all the benefits the table provides.  :)
    d) upgrade to 0.20, where the seektable data in recordedmarkkup gets 
moved to recordedseek (so then you'll have a huge recordedseek table and 
a small recordedmarkup table).  ;)


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