[mythtv-users] OT: Editing a MythTV File and Creating a DVD

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Sun Sep 17 05:25:48 UTC 2006

On Sep 16, 2006, at 10:15 PM, Douglas Wagner wrote:

> Ok, so I didn't read what you had typed previously as well as I  
> thought I had.  I just ran into creating my own cutpoints and  
> editing my recordings through MythTV.  Ok, so now i'm a really  
> happy camper. :)
> I DO have some questions however..
> Someone mentioned "Load your comercial cut points as starting  
> points" how would I go about this?  Is there a guide assisting me  
> with some of the commands available to me for editing video through  
> Myth TV?

That was me.

Lots of people have taken a lot of time to make a very useful wiki.  
You should use it.

> I noticed in the 10 second EXTENSIVE review I did of this feature  
> (*grin*) that my options for cutting is cut from here to the  
> beginning or cut from here to the end.  That assists me with the  
> basics of what I need, but what about if there are problems with  
> commercials in the middle that arn't caught by the commercial  
> flagging?  I would be happy to mark them but can I set 2 points and  
> say "cut between these two points"?

When you set a cutpoint, you're always either cutting before or after  
the point. So to set two points and cut between them, set the first  
one to cut after this point, then set the second one to cut before  
this point. Not sure what more you would need.

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