[mythtv-users] OT: Editing a MythTV File and Creating a DVD

Douglas Wagner douglasw0 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 17 04:59:33 UTC 2006

Ok, so while the information here is pretty good it just isn't QUITE there
for what I need.

Got .20 installed and working, mytharchive is running right now on a few
files as a test.  The fact that it it will create a menu and all that happy
stuff is out of this world.  But, all that said it's just NOT exactly what I

The more I work with this the more that cutting the front and back off of
the "middle" videos on the disk is becomming a requirement.

So, i'm going to re-pose the question as to what software people think would
be a good way to go to manipulate these mpg streams?  I'm happy to use
mytharchive to string them together (seems to be the most painless way of
doing it) and author the DVD itself, but what should I use to manipulate the
files themselves?

Also, how can I tell exactly what the cutlist for a particular video is and
whether it has correctly commercial flagged the video or run over into the
actual show in some way?  I'd love to use mytharchive to do a large part of
my work, but i'd like to be able to verify a cutlist before I re-code the
entire video and then trash the old recordings after burning to DVD.

Any information would be great, thanks guys.

--Douglas Wagner

On 9/15/06, Sam Wong <sam at hellosam.net> wrote:
> Brad DerManouelian wrote:
> >You'll want to use the new plugin MythArchive for MythTV .20.
> >
> As a side question...Does any other PVR like Tivo, Windows MCE, Sky+ or
> others in the world allow burning a DVD of the recorded show?
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