[mythtv-users] Problem scanning DVB channels on .20

Steve Brown sbrown at ewol.com
Sat Sep 16 17:13:03 UTC 2006

I tried scanning channels on Hispasat. If I do a "full scan (tuned)" on 
one transponder, the channels are loaded and a correct entry is inserted 
in the dtv-multiplex table.

When I scan the second transponder, rather than it being inserted in 
dtv-multiplex, the first transponder entry is updated to the new freq/sr.

I believe this is because both transponder's NIT's report network_id=1 & 
transport_id=1 (per dvbsnoop). There seems to be an assumption that the 
network/transport id's uniquely identify a transponder on a satellite. 
If this is so, maybe adding the network name would solve the problem.  
Before I look into this further, I want to be sure I really understand 
what's going on.

Can anybody confirm this?

I've been away from Mythtv for a few years since hurricane Charlie took 
out my satellite gear.

WOW, what progress!


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