[mythtv-users] What's the new (0.20) way to add channels to existing lineup?

Dennis Lou dlou99 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 16 16:14:11 UTC 2006

From: "Michael T. Dean" <mtdean at thirdcontact.com>
>On 09/15/06 19:43, Dennis Lou wrote:
 >>In 0.19, if I had a line-up all set with only the channels I wanted
 >>then later decided that I want one the channels I had previously
 >>deleted from myth and unselected from zap2it, I would go back
 >>to zap2it, re-select the channel and wait for the next mythfilldatabase
 >>to push that channel back into myth.
 >>In 0.20, I noticed that you can't do this any more and that 
 >>mythfilldatabase --help says "New channels are automatically
 >>removed for DVB and HDTV sources that use DataDirect."
 >AIUI, for digital sources because there's more setup required than for 
 >analog sources (i.e. analog just needs a frequency ID), you'll need to 
 >use the channel scanner to pick up new channels.  Make sure you also 
 >enable the channel in your DataDirect lineup.
Yes, I did leave out the part about me going into mysql to set the mplexid
and serviceid. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get mythtv to pick up the channel's
program data without knowing the xmltvid and that's not something easily accessible.
That's probably the main obstacle to me doing everything from the mysql tables

Using the channel scanner is a bit cumbersome as I am using cable clear QAM
and the channel scanner picks up both encrypted and unencrypted subchannels.
Additionally, there's no PSIP data so the channel scanner doesn't seem
to be adding the new channels.

 >You /can/ add new channels using mythfilldatabase, but you have to pass 
 >in the "--do-channel-updates" argument and it does some destructive 
 >changes (i.e. changes callsigns and channel numbers and ...), and once 
 >you do this, the channel is unlikely to tune correctly because you 
 >haven't yet done the channel scan.  So, using the scanner/editor should 
 >be the first approach you try.

Yup, very destructive since Zap2it's channel numbers don't match the
channel numbers in my TV's tuner (because there's no PSIP data and I'm
not running cablecard).  However, it does have the advantage
of not requiring X (but I'm probably in the minority of the population that
tweaks the mysql tables directly anyway).


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