[mythtv-users] Direct FB

Alexander Böhm babyfly at gmx.net
Sat Sep 16 09:31:37 UTC 2006

I'm running a AMD XP 2400+ in an Shuttle XPC with VIA Unichrome VGA 
Chipset, 512MB Ram, 160Gigs
Perfomance is great , compared with my other Box running FC4 with X and 
Myth on the same Hardware.
The Pro is that now X starts and the box is almost already up as you 
push the Power button, no Cons from my side for now


Jay Swackhamer schrieb:
> What hardware are you using that is working?
> If not via trident cyberblade/i1 and c3 ezra, anyone else? Performance?
> Quoting Alexander Böhm <babyfly at gmx.net>:
>> Stephen Atkins schrieb:
>>> Just wondering if anyone out there has tried using direct fb?  If so is
>>> there a how to any where to follow.  Is there a reason not to (other
>>> than its to hard)?

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