[mythtv-users] channel switching

Sergei Gerasenko gerases at publicschoolworks.com
Fri Sep 15 23:44:25 UTC 2006

> What input are you using?

I'm using Zap2It.

> Are you using an external tuner?

No, it's a PVR-150.

> Sounds like either a problem with your channel change script or an 
> improperly connected video source/input connection.

Checked the video source/input connection and tuner 1 is connected to
the Zap2It data source.

I had a similar problem with 0.18 and the reason for that was indeed the
video source/input connection. But with 0.18 I saw an error in the log.

Just to be sure, by video source/input connection you mean the
association between my tuner and the scheduling information in
mythtv-setup, right?

> ----------------------------------
> Database updates are now done automatically.

You're absolutely right.

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