[mythtv-users] Compiling MythPlugins with AAC Support

Damien Dusha damiendusha at netspace.net.au
Fri Sep 15 22:34:19 UTC 2006

"Did you also install the -devel packages for those packages? Remember,
you're compiling. You need both the runtime and development packages.


just did yum
install --disablerepo=livna faac-devel faad2-devel

And now I'm currently compiling with AAC support! Thanks very much.  I 
disabled livna because I keep on reading bad things about it...

Having said this, I'm still interested in finding out the mess of 
compiling the pre-reqs from source - it did it for all the others.

Axel said:
"Why not use the packages? Helps with finding bugs and currently they
look quite decent. They do include AAC support as well as almost every
other switchable bit."

I do appreciate yum, and I have some friends with a painless install via 
yum, but I'm trying to push HDTV through P4-2.4GHz (and eventually serve 
content to an xbox), so I need every last bit of grunt I can get - so 
far I have had no luck with XvMC either :(  but that's another thread.

Plus, I'm still learning a thing or two about linux - since I have 
started my Myth project, I have learned so much more about linux, it's 
not funny!

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