[mythtv-users] Dual-FireWire troubles in 0.20 solution found

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Fri Sep 15 21:07:13 UTC 2006

Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> says:
> I apologize.

Given the rest of your message, pardon me if I receive your "apology"
with skepticism.

> And I didn't argue with the fact that setting HDRingbufferSize to
> too large a value will cause problems or say that you shouldn't have
> told the list.  I just suggested that your "assigning" Jim a new
> development task ;) may be a bit pre-mature.

I did no such thing. I said:

> I trust that Jim will work up a longer-term solution to the issue
> shortly.

"I trust," for those who are sufficiently illterate to not comprehend,
is a colloquial phrase that means that I can rely on someone, based on
his proven dependability, to do the expected at some point or other. I
no more assigned anyone anything than any new bug ticket on
svn.mythtv.org does. Jim Westfall will (wait for it), I trust, get to
the fix of whatever issue exists in the FireWire recording code on his
own good time; he does not need you to defend him, and I have no more
ability to "assign" Jim work than I can in helping you to not
embarrass yourself in print.

> In other words, you said the max (96256) worked on previous
> versions.  You know that you had issues with the default value
> (which is now 4700--and is also the min).

Never said that. The maximum setting got inherited when I upgraded to
0.20; I never touched this setting during the upgrade because I hadn't
changed it in about eight months.

> And until recently, you would have said that boosting the 
> HDRingbufferSize to 96256 "caused me no problems I'm aware of and 
> considerable good"...

Well, yes. Again:

* Something in the FireWire code broke in 0.20.
* Jim helped me figure out a way to bypass the issue and will (again,
  wait for it), I trust, roll out a fix to whatever broke between 0.19
  and 0.20 in due time.

> But your system requires 23.5MB, so 96MB is overly large.

If the setting--remember, it isn't a free-entry field, but essentially
Myth's equivalent to a dropdown box--lets me go up to a certain level,
and there are no warning messages about it, and good reason to believe
that "bigger = better," and it's been working fine for months, and a
software upgrade breaks this behavior, that's the sign of a bug. It is
not the sign that that setting is ipso facto "overly large."

> Which doesn't seem to be enough for 2 firewire captures running with 
> 96MB ringbuffers each.

Another non sequitur. You know very well how much (little) a backend
needs for RAM. One more time:

* 0.19 did not have this issue.
* 0.20 does; thus something broke.

> > And you, sir, need some counseling. I don't care if you are a
> > MythTV developer;
> Actually, I'm not a MythTV developer.

My apologies to the entire MythTV developer community for
unintentionally slandering it.

> > that may give you some license to be rude, but not to be rude
> > *and* wrong.
> Nope.  I'm completely unlicensed.

As the Internet has proven a thousand and one times, no license is
needed to prove oneself ignorant and wrong.

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