[mythtv-users] 0.20 fails to set/change channels with ivtv and pvr250

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Sep 15 20:04:30 UTC 2006

On 09/15/06 12:58, Kai Militzer wrote:

>since upgrading to 0.20 mythtv fails to set and/or change the channels. 
>It always stays at the last working/tuned channel. Rolling back to 0.19 
>makes it work again. I use ivtv 0.4.6 with a PVR250 card. Do I need to 
>upgrade to a newer ivtv version?

I use 0.2.0-rc3j and it works fine, so I doubt you need a newer IvyTV.

>In my log (with the 0.20 version) I see messages like that:
>2006-09-15 18:42:49.429 Channel(/dev/video): InitPictureAttribute(       
>                        [ -128,  127] dflt(    0, 0.50, 128)
>2006-09-15 18:42:49.430 Channel(/dev/video)::TuneTo(E5): 
>curList[6].freq(175250)2006-09-15 18:42:49.431 
>Channel(/dev/video)::Tune(175250000, , analog)
>2006-09-15 18:42:49.432 Channel(/dev/video)::SwitchToInput(in 2, '')
>2006-09-15 18:42:49.433 Channel(/dev/video): SetInputAndFormat() failed
>2006-09-15 18:42:49.434 TVRec(1) Error: Setting start channel '12' failed,
>                        and backup '1' failed as well.
>Any ideas what went wrong?

Sounds like someone has an invalid channel change script specified, but 
is using the tuner input.  So, when the channel change script fails, the 
LiveTV fails.

But, I don't know for sure because I need to know what input you're 
using, what type of source (i.e. RF modulated feed from a STB, 
S-Video/Composite from a STB, direct antenna/cable connection, etc.), 
whether you actually have a channel 12, and, perhaps, a few more 
things...  :)


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