[mythtv-users] Most Reliable FS. XFS maybe causing crash

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Fri Sep 15 19:37:07 UTC 2006

Mark wrote:
> How did you know it was XFS that killed it?  My server locks too but no log 
> data to diagnose with.

Because the XFS raid partition was completely hosed.  No data, no 
superblock (or whatever XFS calls it), nothing understandable remained 
of the filesystem.  No log data either, just a hard lockup on the 
server.  It looked like a hardware failure.

The exact same hardware has performed without a glitch for nearly a year 
now with JFS.

However, I am running a 2.6.15 self-compiled vanilla kernel on a FC2 
box, so much of my stuff is pretty dated.  It's possible that I've 
updated the kernel since the crash as well; I can't recall.

Given the variety of responses you're seeing, I'd guess that XFS is 
probably maturing very quickly, and the problems you and I are seeing 
may be due to an older version.


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