[mythtv-users] mythmusic stabilty issue

Mark mark at ripitup.ca
Fri Sep 15 19:30:16 UTC 2006

On Friday 15 September 2006 13:26, Brad Benson wrote:
> On 9/15/06, Sdkovacs <sdkovacs at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > undefined symbol: mm_support
> >
> > Like Isaac said, it's the RPMs. Axel has already put out new RPMs with
> > MMX support enabled. You need to just do a yum/smart/apt-get
> > update/upgrade.
> Are you sure the new RPMS have already been released for FC4?  I've been
> running smart install mythmusic on my FC4 system periodically throughout
> the day and it is still telling me that the most recent version is already
> installed.  I see that libmyth, mythtv, mythtv-frontend, mythtv-backend and
> mythtv-setup have new versions available, but I haven't yet seen a new RPM
> for any of the plugins.  Last I heard Axel was working on it, but the
> plugins RPMs were still being compiled...
> Brad
I think you are right.  Axel is still working on the plugins.  They will come 
out in time.


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