[mythtv-users] KnoppMyth R5D1 and myth2ipod, any one have it working?

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Fri Sep 15 17:46:07 UTC 2006

On Sep 15, 2006, at 10:37 AM, cossaboon.mythtv at mac.com wrote:

> Does anyone have this working?
> I had a bumpy upgrade from R5C1 to R5D1. Myth2ipod was working in  
> R5C1, but now fails.
> I re-installed the application myth2ipod, the RSS site is up, and  
> the scripts are installed. A manual running of the encoding script  
> results in;

If it makes you feel any better I am seeing the same issue and I'm  
not using KnoppMyth. I haven't looked into it yet since I don't use  
my iPod much any more (now that I work from home).

> Could this be because R5C1 uses MPG extensions not NUV

No. I transcode my programs automatically which results in .nuv files  
and I'm still seeing it. I need to get ffmpeg recompiled with faac  
support before I can figure out what else might be wrong.
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