[mythtv-users] M-Audio Soundcard

Chris Hembrow chris.hembrow at pixelseventy2.net
Fri Sep 15 16:46:54 UTC 2006

I am in the market for a new soundcard, and want something decent to connect to my Rotel amp. This is a second sound card, just for mythmusic. The main onboard soundcard is used for everything else, connected directly to my TV. I am very interested in the M-Audio 2496 as it seems to offer good performance and gold-plated rca connectors rather than 3.5mm jacks, for a good price.

I wanted to know if anyone has any experience with this card and *nix/mythtv, and also whether the digital pass-through works. I won't want the pass through initially, as I don't have a surround sound amp, but wanted to know if this card would be suitable in the future.


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