[mythtv-users] mytharchive and interlaced files

David Rudder drig at noses.org
Thu Sep 14 21:37:07 UTC 2006

I have a mythtv box.  I just upgraded to 0.20.  "yum update mythtv; yum
install mytharchive.  restart, wait, check it out!".  That upgrade was
so slick!

But, anyway, enough with the fanboy stuff.  

I have a PVR-500.  It records interlaced video, which looks fine on my
480i (w00t!  SDTV!!!  It's the wave of 1945!!!).  And, I have a whole
buncha home videos from my casio video camera which are progressive.

When I record these videos to DVD, using MythArchive, the interlaced
files from my PVR come out double interlaced and look seriously
headachy.  The videos of my kids look great.

Is there anyway to tell mytharchive to deinterlace my TV files but not
my homevideo files?


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