[mythtv-users] Myth TV Recording from DISH TV or Set Top Cable Box

Vamshi Reddy vareddy20002000 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 15 10:56:44 UTC 2006

Thanks Nick.
  I am using the A/V outputs on my DIsh Network.
  I would like Myth TV to record all the programs on One Channel like ABC.
  The Issue is since ,  there is no grabber for India.
  I tried to setup one channel in the channel editor , with the frequency 
  of the channel that was given to me by Dish Network, and was hoping that
  I dould create a program listing for that channel, subsequently would be able to record them.
  I had to use some XML TV in the MythSetup and hence using the au-grab, or zap 2 it.
  Can someone please direct me so as to how I should go about doing this.
  Hope the requirement is clear.

Nick <knowledgejunkie at gmail.com> wrote:
  On 07/09/06, Vamshi Reddy wrote:
> Thanks Brian,
> I did not quite understand the "but it would be better to use the baseband
> A/V outputs"

If you connect your cable box using the S-Video or Composite inputs on
your PVR-150 card you should get better picture/sound quality than
using the RF output from your cable box and connecting it to the tuner
input on your PVR-150. If you do record using S-Video/composite, you
will also need a separate audio connection from the cable box into the
audio input on the PVR-150 card.

One difference between using the tuner on your PVR-150 and the
S-Video/composite (baseband/direct) inputs is that when using the
tuner, you can scan for channels and have them created for you. When
using a baseband feed from a cable/satellite box, you need to manually
create channels for all of the stations you want to record from if you
want to be able to use program listings and scheduling (which is the
best way to use MythTV). Note that setting up MythTV this way is
probably the most time consuming type of setup you can create.

> Also one other problem is that I do not find any code for my Cable Box which
> is Humax ND-100C.
> http://www.cosmoseng.com/Users_Manual/LBMC_User's_Manual.html#mozTocId230786
> How do we create our own code set.

Buy/build a homebrew serial IR receiver (schematics are available at
www.lirc.org). You can then use the irrecord program from LIRC to
record the output from your cable box's remote control into a config
file, and you can then use these codes to control your cable box from
within MythTV using an IR blaster (mentioned earlier in the thread)
and a channel changer script. Details of how to configure LIRC and
record codes from a remote control are available on the LIRC site.

> I will try creating a dummy /bin/true in the Myth TV Setup, and see if it
> will work.

As Brian stated, this is only useful if you are manually changing the
channel on the cable box yourself or testing. If you are able to
create a remote control configuration to control your cable box with
an IR blaster then you will need to specify an actual channel changer

My backend systems all record from external cable boxes, using the
composite/audio inputs of my PVR-x50 cards, and the cable boxes are
controlled using homebrew serial IR blasters without any issues. I
have also used irrecord to record lircd.conf config files for several
remotes, so I know it is possible. All of the answers for setting up
MythTV are in the archives - don't give up and good luck!


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