[mythtv-users] Focus issue in EPG?

Sam Wong sam at hellosam.net
Fri Sep 15 02:21:10 UTC 2006

I dunno if it's a windows focus issue or not..

I had setup X with 1 server layout with 2 screen, the mythfrontend is
started on :0.1. I have myth-builtin-lirc enabled. I runs ubuntu dapper
with gnome, this problem shows up on both 0.19release and 0.20release.

Everything is fine except that in EPG, if the mythfrontend is not
focused, I could only move the cursor once (up right left down) with my
remote, but not more than once. It's the same even if I quit EPG and
going back into it.

If the mythfrontend is focused, it is fine and working good.

It's just the EPG, I have no problem with other functions that use up
right left down arrow, such as changing channel, menu selections.

Is that gnome/gdm related?

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