[mythtv-users] Motherboard Recommendation

Mache Creeger mache at creeger.com
Fri Sep 15 00:33:31 UTC 2006

My server died.  I went out and got a used Asus A7N8X-X Nforce2 
motherboard to match my existing AMD XP 2100+ processor and fired it 
up with my 7 PATA disks and DVDROM.  While it would POST (Power On 
Self Test), as Fedora Core 5 loaded, I would get o/s panics (messy 
crashes).  Efforts to do a new install or o/s upgrade directly from 
the CD also resulted in panics.

While the Asus motherboard is used and could be defective, could 
anyone suggest a motherboard that they like that can support 8 PATA 
devices (7 ATA100 disks (1x40GB, 6x200GB) and 1 DVDROM), 2xPromise 
PCI IDE ATA100 controllers, an AMD XP 2100+, WinTV PVR 500, Nvidia 
5200 video card, and PC2100 memory.

My old motherboard was an Epox EP-8K7A which worked fine right up 
until it died.

Comments and thoughts are welcome.

-- Mache Creeger

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