[mythtv-users] Higer load in .20

Brad Benson bbenso1 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 14 20:28:58 UTC 2006

On 9/14/06, Isaac Richards <ijr at case.edu> wrote:
> Everyone with this problem seems to be using the RPMs (at least, of those
> that
> have made a distinction).  I have to wonder if it's something like MMX
> support accidentally getting disabled in the packages..
That's very interesting, as I'm having what I thought was an unrelated
problem that is causing mythmusic to die every time I enter it.  The error
message I see in the frontend log when this happens is:

/usr/bin/mythfrontend: symbol lookup error:
/usr/lib/mythtv/plugins/libmythmusic.so: undefined symbol: mm_support

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