[mythtv-users] MythWeb Custom Recording

Michael Lynch lynchmv at gmail.com
Thu Sep 14 14:30:41 EDT 2006

> It sounds to me like Michael has hard-coded the video URL in the
> settings (and if he's not using auth, that would explain the differences
> between internal/external, with the external cookie using the defaults),
> and I just noticed a bug with this that's not adding the file location
> itself to the override URL, but I'll commit a fix to that shortly.
> -Chris

Care to take a look at my htaccess file?


Besides uncommenting the auth lines and changing authuserfile to
authdigestfile I haven't changed anything in the file.

==httpd.conf snippet==
LoadModule env_module         libexec/apache/mod_env.so
LoadModule rewrite_module     libexec/apache/mod_rewrite.so
AddModule mod_env.c
AddModule mod_rewrite.c
<Directory /var/www/htdocs>
  AllowOverride All

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