[mythtv-users] Nbie question--should I take the plunge?

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Thu Sep 14 15:02:43 UTC 2006

barbex wrote:
>> Once it's installed and up and running the WAF will be extremely high.
> I second that.
Thirded, finally... :)
> My recommendation for a smooth transition: keep the TV and the VCR
> functional as a fallback system. I split the antenna signal with a
> little amplifier so that the TV still works as a regular TV and MythTV
> uses the S-video input anyway. When I breake something I can still fix
> the system while regular television restores the peace in the living
> room ;-))
I also recommend this. Also make sure that it is something that can be 
done while YOU (the Myth maintainer) are not at home. I got bitten by 
that more than once in the early days. Everything would work fine for 
days, I would go out for the evening, and of course Myth would have some 
sort of problem right when my wife wanted to watch a show (usually 24). 
It took a LONG time to dig myself out of that hole, but now she loves it.


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