[mythtv-users] [OT] Troubleshooting unexpected shutdowns

Russell Brown rmbzzz at gmail.com
Thu Sep 14 13:11:07 UTC 2006

I have a Mythtv setup that has worked well for 8 months.
(Thanks to all who have helped develop the software.)

A few days ago, after a thunderstorm,
the backend has started to shutdown once
a day or so. Shutdowns usually
happen during recording.
There is nothing in /var/log/messages
or /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log at the time
of shutdown.

I suspect a hardware problem. My question
Where do I start to troubleshoot?

The current setup is:
FC 4 from jarod's guide
mythtv 0.19.1 from atrpms,  mythtv-backend.i386 0.19-130.fc4.at
1 pvr 350
1 pvr 150
400W powersupply,
gigabyte K8 mainboard with nforce 3 chipset
amd sempron 2600 processor
512 MB ram
3 hard drives
dvd burner which is never used.

I have a frontend that is roughly the same parts,
except no more tv cards. Thus, I can switch
out parts to see if stability returns. I would like
suggestions on which bits are most likely to be the

I noticed some static on a recording recently.
Could this indicate the sound chips or the
pvr 350 is dying?

I realize this is not really a mythtv question.
But, I know the folks here are so nice that, as long
as I do not top-post about selling movies on
bit-torrent, I will not get too much flac. (I hope.)


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