[mythtv-users] Error Transcoding HD H264 v0.2 11156

Steve Hill steve at nexusuk.org
Thu Sep 14 12:27:33 UTC 2006

On Thu, 14 Sep 2006, Andrew Lyon wrote:

> What problems are you having? I am able to "watch" the channel
> although the video stutters  a lot, it will play a few seconds then
> pause for a few seconds then resume playback.

If I record BBC-HD I end up with what appears to be corruption - anything 
from an almost perfect picture with a couple of glitches to a completely 
unwatchable mess.  Mplayer gives the same results when I try and play the 
video captured by Myth.  From what I can see, there are 4 possibilities:

1. The original stream from the beeb is corrupt - seems unlikely but I 
guess it is experimental.
2. The data is being received corrupt due to interference or poor signal - 
seems unlikely since I can get SD channels without any problem.
3. Myth is corrupting the stream while recording (e.g. it can't cope with 
the data rate, etc.)
4. The H.264 decoder is broken/not complete enough.  I guess the fact that 
mplayer also has problems doesn't mean a lot since both Myth and mplayer 
use the ffmpeg libs.

I'll play some more to see if I can narrow down the problem.  It isn't 
helped by the fact that the "signal quality" reported by the Nova-S-Plus 
is always the same (even when there's no LNB plugged in!) so I guess it 
hasn't been fully implemented in the driver.


  - Steve
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