[mythtv-users] Add Recording to database.

Neil Dunbar neil.dunbar at pobox.com
Thu Sep 14 07:43:43 UTC 2006

On Thursday 14 September 2006 03:45, Bryan Cromwell wrote:
> Is there a script/way to add a video (avi,nuv) to the 'Watch Recordings'
> section?
> Thanks!

Yes. The /usr/share/mythtv/contrib/myth.rebuilddatabase.pl script.

Easiest way (maybe not the best) is to rename your mpg/avi file to something 
like <chanid>_<starttime>_<endtime>.avi, stick it into the storage area 
(eg, /mnt/store) then run

   myth.rebuilddatabase.pl --try_defaults

A sample name would be


[The channel IDs will vary from system to system]

It'll go through any videos which are "unattached" (ie, not in the database) 
and ask if you want to import it. It'll then do a commflag rebuild to 
generate the seektable, and that should be it.



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