[mythtv-users] Timed out waiting for free video buffers

William Prochazka billprozac at gmail.com
Thu Sep 14 05:01:44 UTC 2006

I am getting this message while using the guide.  The frontend is a P4
3.01GB Ram and a 250 SATAHD (no speed issues ;).  The video card is an
FX5200.  When I hit the guide button, the preview windows get choppy, then
dies.  I see the console fill up with "timed out waiting for free video
buffers".  I have another less powerfull machine (VIA EPIA 1Ghz) that does
all of this flawlessly.  Matter of fact, with the exception of it's lack of
power (HD playback), that machine is more stable than any linux box I have
worked with in the past.  Does wonders for the WAF!  Both front end are
identical software wise, FC5 running Myth.20 from Atrpms.

Oh by the way, if I change channel using the number pad or arrow keys,
everything is cool.
Any thoughts on why I am getting this message?
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