[mythtv-users] "Could not locate X in theme T" errors

Carl Youngblood carl at youngbloods.org
Thu Sep 14 03:17:55 UTC 2006

I've compiled mythtv from the subversion trunk because some of the
guys on the pchdtv forum said that that was the only way they got
their cards working in both digital and analog modes.

I can watch TV and record programs just fine.  However, I'm getting a
lot of messages that say that some feature or other can't be found in
the theme I'm on.  Pretty much everything besides watching TV and
viewing recordings does this. Changing themes doesn't seem to make a
difference.  I installed all the various addons, so I'm not sure what
the problem is.  Has anyone seen this before?  Any suggestions?

Carl Youngblood

BTW, I am subscribed to the dev list as well so I will be trying to
follow any warnings there about development-related bugs.  I didn't
find anything on this subject in about 15 minutes of searching either,
just to explain my due diligence..

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