[mythtv-users] Background noise troubles

outlier314 at cox.net outlier314 at cox.net
Thu Sep 14 01:44:28 UTC 2006

outlier314 at cox.net wrote:
> Update: I tried compiling 0.20 and ./configure reported no alsa support!  Bear in mind
> that I have alsa packages installed, lsmod reports several snd_* modules, and both 
> aplay and alsaplayer work.  
> So what gives?  Do I really have alsa working or not, and more importantly what is mythtv
> not finding that it needs?  I realize everybody is excited about the new release, but if 
> someone more knowledgable than me could spare a little time it would be that much 
> more appreciated!
To compile MythTV, you need the alsa-devel package as well.


Doh, I should have known that.  I'll try again...

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