[mythtv-users] 0.20 live tv kills backend, "tuner in use"

Eric Browning Eric at inis.net
Thu Sep 14 01:13:43 UTC 2006

I thought the live tv bug was going to b e fixed in 0.20?  If I watch  
live tv and change a channel, then back out to the menus, and upon  
trying to watch live tv again it says the tuner is still in use and  
it kills the backend.  I'm x86_64, FC5, mysql 5.0.22, 1.5GB ram,  
160GB HD.

This is exactly the same a 0.19, also it doesn't seem to be recording  
the live tv as it doesn't show up in recorded program, I'm ok with  
that because it was a pain before :-) so at least one thing has  

Also in mythweb I see a program I recorded (a rerun) and it has a  
dotted line around it.  It's not scheduled to record so I don't know  
why mythweb thinks i've cancelled the recording.  Is this a new  
feature to let me know I've recorded this program before?

Thanks and keep up the great work :-)

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