[mythtv-users] Channel icons not displayed

kanetse@gmail.com kane.tse at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 22:51:14 UTC 2006

On 9/13/06, Jeff Bevis <digijock223 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I'm on week 2 of my myth setup.  I have got most things working, but
> channel icons are one of the last issues.  I have two boxes;  one a
> frontend, one a backend.  I have managed to setup the backend box such
> that, if the frontend program is run there, I can see channel icons on
> it.  However, on the actual frontend box, the channel icons are never
> displayed.  All my searches and investigation have yielded to clue as to
> what's wrong.
> How does one go about diagnosing this problem further?

The icons are not transmitted over TCP/IP, but rather, you have to
mount the directory containing the icons via NFS in the exact same
location.  So, if your icons are in /mythtv/icons on your backend,
then you have to have /mythtv/icons mounts on your frontend too, in
the same place.

Actually, you could make copy of the all the icon files in
/mythtv/icons on the frontend too... doesn't have to be an NFS mount.
I just do an NFS mount because then the icons automatically get
updated when I add new ones.

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