[mythtv-users] Best diskless front-end. Power saving time!

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Wed Sep 13 19:39:05 UTC 2006

I have two dedicated machines that are on 24x7.  One is storage and  
the other the backend.  I want to start saving some power as the bills  
keep going up.
I am thinking that I will agregate all to one backend, and then put in  
a couple of diskless frontends that use LTSP and boot off of the  
server as well.

Does anyone have this scenario anywhere?  What machines have you had  
luck with?  How was sound etc...?  I have seen little diskless HP  
machines like the HP T5505 that I thought might be good.  Then at  
night etc... just shut them down and have the power button do a  
shutdown on them too.

Looking for what has been known to work and such.


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