[mythtv-users] YUM update for .20?

jphughes at optonline.net jphughes at optonline.net
Wed Sep 13 13:49:34 UTC 2006

The current rpm fixed my problema s reported above. However things are deterorating rapidly (most likley my fault). I have Myth running on a dual head x setup. I have Myth starting on screen one which is the TV.  When Myth starts on screen one  its theme graphics is completely distorted. It seem when the screen has focus this is the case because if I click on screen zero  then Myth graphics return to normal.  If I start  Myth on screen zero it look fine. However the really bad part is when I exit Myth it bombs and kills the current session and the next screen is a login screen. This happens every time. I have tried different themes but noting changes.  So again any suggestion would be appreciated. Perhaps it might be best to un-install and re-install. Would appreciate any recommentations. regards
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