[mythtv-users] How to migrate a disk in SW RAID? WAS:Re: RAID 5 of different sized disks for mythtv storage?

chris at cpr.homelinux.net chris at cpr.homelinux.net
Wed Sep 13 03:41:06 UTC 2006

On Tue, Sep 12, 2006 at 01:42:56PM -0400, Steven Adeff wrote:
> > The drives have no partitions on them.  They are wholely used in the RAID5.
> > Is that odd?
> I didn't think you could create an array without partitions.
> So I'll say its odd. But others may know better than I.

You can create a RAID array using any block device.  Using the full 
disk is not odd in the "that shouldn't work" sense, but a bit odd 
in the "someone didn't do things the common way" sense.

Since the drive doesn't have partitions, the "DEVICE partitions" method
of constructing an array won't work, and the OP will have to change the
device entries any time the drives are moved or else the array will fail
to start.

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