[mythtv-users] YUM update for .20?

Andy Burns fedora at adslpipe.co.uk
Wed Sep 13 03:05:07 UTC 2006

Brad DerManouelian wrote:

> Andy Burns wrote:
>> most plugins are installed, but none of them show in menus,
>> tried un/re install no different. Using Qt painter, also some icons  
>> (but
>> not the text labels) disappear when selecting with arrows, using
>> minimalist-wide theme, perhaps the theme isn't fully 0.20'ised
> I guess I'm happy to know it's not just me? :)
> I use Project Grayham Wide normally and assumed it was a theme issue  
> so I switched to a couple of others with the same results.

OK, I managed to fix this, I updated to tonight's RPMS from atrpms, then 
realised I had a mish-mash of packages installed, some individual 
packages, others from the myth meta-packages (e.g mythtv-suite) and also 
some 0.19 themes not updated for 0.20.

I removed the stray themes, then removed the livna packages that were 
clashing for libmp4ff.so (faad2) and put back the atrpms equivalents, 
then reinstalled myththemes and mythplugins meta-packages.

Finally I made sure I had default myth and mythosd themes selected, and 
now I do have all the 0.20 plugins in the menus, just trying out 
mytharchive, looking forward to plenty of GB of free disk space again :-)

Internal DVD player working nicely, and found in another thread that the 
MHEG interactive TV needs enabling under setup and that works a treat too.

Unfortunately I'm seeing the odd mythbackend crash, will look for a 
pattern to it, I'm on x86_64, with v0.19 the backend was rock solid, it 
tended to be frontend that occasionally crashed.

Still, I'm very happy with 0.20, thanks to developers and packagers 
alike ...

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