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William Prochazka billprozac at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 20:47:10 EDT 2006

I bought an old server from a refurb shop.  4x PIII 700 Xeon, 2GB RAM, U160
RAID controller w/ 4x 18GB  HDs,  trple redundant powersupply.  I slapped in
a  6 port SATA RAID controller and made an external drave caddy w/ 6x 250 GB
drives.  The front end can be real cheap boxes 'cause all of the work is
done on the backend.  The box cost ~$150 befor the controller and drives,
but still came out under $1000 (well, I already had tuner cards).  Plus, the
back end also serves as a VMWare server for all of my tinkering and it still
barely scratches it's performance roof.

On 9/12/06, Taylan Pince <taylan at taylanpince.com> wrote:
> On 12-Sep-06, at 8:15 PM, Andrew Davis wrote:
> > You'd be surprised, but here's the breakdown (sans pricing since
> > I'm not
> > allowed to share my vendors pricing publically):
> >
> > Silverstone Aluminum case LC17
> > Antec 550W NEO Low noise HE P/S
> > Motherboard (955X7AA-8EKRS2 w/ 8 port SATAII RAID5/6 option)
> > Intel DualCore 3.2Ghz (BX80553940T)
> > Upgraded Silverstone heatsink/fan (Nitrogon NT06)
> > 4Gb Corsair DDR2 PC5400 memory (4x1GB)
> > Memory heatsink/fins
> > 3x500 SATAII WD 16Mb cache HD w/ 3 year warranty
> > Plextor 16x (every format but HD/BR) SATA DVD drive
> > 3.5'' USB2/FireWire400 & 800/52 type media reader, CPU + Ambient
> > Temp reader
> > Leadtek Winfast 128Mb DDR 16xPCI-E VGA/DVI/HDTV
> > Happauge WinTV PVR 500 MCE Kit (w/ remote)
> >
> > Grand total was $2500. Priced out at Newegg was $2250 + shipping...
> >
> > I didn't think it was all that much til I realized it wouldn't
> > completely replace my Cox tuner/DVR nor my current DVD unit since its
> > also my speaker output/amp.
> >
> > Oh yeah... and it wasn't *just* going to run MythTV, but also run
> > Evolution, Firefox, etc as my normal Linux box... as well as some BB &
> > Nagios monitoring. And I was considering having it store my ripped
> > movie
> > collection and making it available to my system at work (I have a 10Mb
> > Cox business feed at home and three T1's trunked for 4.5Mbps at work).
> >
> > Gabe Rubin wrote:
> >> On 9/12/06, Andrew Davis <andrew at nccomp.com> wrote:
> >>
> >>> nice box and such. Hmmm... perhaps I should rethink this before I
> >>> drop
> >>> over $2000 in h/w...
> >>
> >> $2000 bucks for hardware is very much overkill (unless that includes
> >> your TV).  I can't imagine how you can spend that much on a mythbox.
> >> I would think $1000 could get you a very kick ass system.
> For my myhthtv box, I bought the cheapest ready to go PC from my
> local store. 512MB ram, intel dual core 2.66Ghz and a 160GB hard
> drive, 16x dual layer dvd writer. Added a PVR-350 and a secondary
> 320GB drive, the total came to $600 CAD. I later added an improved
> heatsink at $60, which pretty much silenced it completely. It has
> integrated video, I was thinking about getting an Nvidia card, but I
> don't think I need it.
> I had initially budgeted this project at $1,000, but there really is
> no need to spend that much money. Unless you are really going to push
> the machine with other tasks, the cheapest solution is usually the
> best. I might be wrong, but I think most of the load is handled by
> the TV tuner card, and all your machine has to do is to write the
> data on the disk fast enough.
> I use the box for watching TV on a 17'' Samsung LCD, recording TV
> series/movies, and I can stream to my PowerMac G5 with a 30'' Dell
> LCD very easily. I am also running Apache and Samba servers, do
> occasional web development tests.
> I don't know much about PC's, Linux or MythTV, but from my experience
> in the last couple of months, there really is no point in spending so
> much money on this project.
> Hope it helps, and please someone correct me if I am wrong. I might
> very well be!
> Taylan
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