[mythtv-users] cannot stop mplayer while watching a video

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Sep 12 19:34:50 EDT 2006

On 09/12/06 19:14, Claudio Brocco wrote:

>I have a
>problem with mplayer and video plugin.
>The video starts correctly but I cannot stop it (with ESC or other
>keys), cannot forward and rewind...
>How can I solve? Any ideas?

Sounds like a focus issue.  You need to set up your window manager to 
focus follow mouse (or mouse focus or sloppy focus or semi-sloppy focus 
or whatever your WM calls it) and, perhaps, focus new windows, and ...  
Search the archives for the WM you're using to see how others have 
configured it (or why they switched to another when they found out it 
won't work properly for Myth).


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