[mythtv-users] quality

Sergei Gerasenko gerases at publicschoolworks.com
Tue Sep 12 16:27:01 EDT 2006

> Which nVidia card?

nVidia Corporation GeForce 6200 TurboCache(TM) (rev a1)

> How interesting. My experiences are very different. I run 3 MythTV 
> boxen with CRT computer monitors. One is a 19" Dell, next is a 20" 
> Viewsonic and lastly a Marquee 8500 CRT projector fed through its 
> RGBHV interface. The picture is stellar on each one viewing SD 
> content, 

Can you send a couple screenshots so I can compare? What's SD content by
the way?

> you're calling "kinda bad" quality? Is it pixelated? Snowy? Colors 
> off? What?

Sorry. It's pixalated and somewhat blurry. Unfortunately, I can't yet
figure out how to take a screenshot of the thing because it's running
full screen. 

> Bitrate too low maybe?

I use the default LiveTV profile.

> Did I mention that I don't like LCDs?


> All I could suggest would be to experiment with resolution and 
> bitrate settings, or try another computer monitor for comparison. 

I will. Thanks a lot for the ideas!

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